What are Ice Dams and how do you prevent them?

Ice dams are formed when heat from the inside of a home escapes into the attic and warms the roof decking during the winter.  This, combined with heat from the sun, can melt snow on the roof.  Melting snow on the upper roof and in the valleys then runs down toward the eaves as water.  When it reaches the cold eaves and gutters it refreezes.  The continual thaw and re-freeze process creates ice dams.  The result is water backing up under the roof shingles or behind fascia boards where it can soak through the roof decking or wall sheathing, causing damage to attics, ceilings and walls.

There are three ways to defend against the damage ice dams cause: insulation, ventilation, and waterproofing shingle underlayment.  All three work together.  Insulation keeps heat from escaping from your home’s living space into your attic.  Ventilation removes the heat and helps keep the roof deck evenly cool to help prevent snow from melting on the roof.  Finally, waterproofing shingle underlayment.





Should I replace or install new gutters at this time?

Yes!!!  The best possible way to install gutters is to 1.  Fasten them with straps that go under the new shingles 2. Install the new drip edge so it laps into the gutter to prevent water from seeping behind the gutters and onto the fascia.





When is the best time to replace or install new skylights?

If you are considering skylights, the time to have the work done is when re-roofing.  The only way to make a skylight worry-free is to start from scratch.  A skylight that has been cut-in (installed after a roof has been installed) causes the possibility of a leak.  Out of all the components on a roof, skylights are the most prone to leaks.  Proper installation will solve the problem.





Should I install new fascia board or trim at this time?

Yes!!!  Some of the components of a roof system are attached to the fascia or trim.  You can not simply just add fascia or replace fascia when a roof is already installed.  New fascia and trim on a house can dramatically change the appearance of a house.  Just ask your contractor and we would be happy to show you pictures and give you a price.





Can you heat a roof?

Yes!!!  We are not talking about heat tape installed on the roof.  A low voltage current runs through a mesh, which is installed under the shingles heating the roof.  The installation and material is not cheap!  If your serious about this process ask your contractor and we will provide you with the information.  Installed with heated gutters means no icicles and no drips year-round.





Can you lay shingles over my old ones?

The building code allows two lay-overs, Summit Roofing allows none.  In our opinion, installing shingles over old ones is for areas that only receive rain.   Underlayment's that prevent ice-dams have to be installed to the deck (plywood or boards).  Expect the code in the future to be changed for areas in snow country.





Why ventilate your attic?

Attic ventilation is an important element of a home’s design and construction.  Without effective attic ventilation, excess heat and humidity can cause serious problems with costly consequences.  Summer and winter, your attic will benefit from attic ventilation.





Who is responsible for obtaining a building permit?

            Summit Roofing Co. will obtain all necessary permits.      





Will a 30, 40, or 50 year shingle really last that long?

No!  Lake Tahoe’s high altitude combined with the drastic temperature changes affect the lifespan of your roof.  Proper installation and ventilation will expand the lifespan of the shingles.  Generally expect to lose ten years on each shingle.  Summit Roofing recommends using no lower than a 40-year shingle in the Lake Tahoe region.





Do I need to be at home while the work is in progress?

No!  In fact many homeowners prefer not to be home when the hammering starts!  We do not need access inside the home providing there is an outside electrical outlet we can use.  However, coming home during the end of the day is recommended so we can answer any questions or changes that arise. 





I was planning on replacing my siding.  When is the best time, before or after a new roof?

Simultaneously!  Summit Roofing will work together with your siding contractor.  When your siding is removed, we can replace all of your metal flashing and follow the same procedures we follow on newly constructed homes.  In some cases we have to pull out a section and replace it.





Do I need to protect items inside my house from possible damage?

Yes!  On all roofing jobs there is a degree of vibration, which comes down through the framework of the home.  While it is not necessary to panic, it is recommended you safeguard fragile items such as glass globes on chandeliers, pictures that are not securely mounted to the wall, or the “old family heirloom” on the mantel.  Items in the kitchen cabinets should not be affected, nor should there be a need to empty the china cabinet.  If in doubt, take a few minutes to protect any non-replaceable items.





I don’t need an estimate at this time but I would like some information?

Give us a call or E-Mail us and we would be happy to send you an informational packet at no charge.





I attended a seminar at Home Depot on roofing and was thinking of roofing my house myself.

Summit Roofing Company always enjoys a good laugh!  Please send us pictures!





I have more questions than I can count?

Give us a call or e-mail us and we would be happy to set up an appointment and sit down with you and go over any questions you may have.